Customer Needs

The Marengo Warehouse and Distribution Center is a vast complex of storage chambers and roadways formed by room and pillar method limestone mining. With its dry, stable indoor climate (58-60 degrees year round) and secure access, Marengo Warehouse offers a unique setting for storage of virtually any type of non-hazardous material. We offer varied development options and capabilities, allowing our customers’ needs to be fulfilled to their satisfaction.


One of the world’s most secure vaults, Marengo Warehouse is nearly a three-quarter mile square with 3,000,000+ square feet of usable dry storage space. Presently, 13 of Marengo’s 28 individual warehouses have been completed and are in use. Customers may either store products or materials in unfinished chambers or build out a facility to custom specifications. Each warehouse is approximately 100,000 square feet, typically configured as a square. Marengo also offers 235,000 square feet of 0-5 degree frozen storage space.

For loads both large and small, Marengo’s experienced warehouse personnel and state-of-the-art equipment ensures proper handling, storage and retrieval of customers’ products. We are able to move quickly to accommodate your warehousing needs, and can develop customized space within 60 business days. The security of your product is protected by both 24-hour security personnel and by the presence of only one means of entrance/exit. Customers’ product integrity is also valued at Marengo, as evidenced by recent independent audit findings that documented no shrinkage for product stored for more than three years.

Flexibility in product movement is one benefit offered by Marengo Warehouse. The hundreds of individual chambers and roadway corridors in the warehouse are large enough for semi-trailer trucks to turn around comfortably without ever backing up. Paved, double-lane roadways with 60 feet of width and 30 feet of clearance enable customers to route OTR trucks and container loads of product and material directly to their own internal docks. The facility also offers a large outdoor staging area for semi-trailers, including drop lot accommodations. Flexibility in space design is also an asset of this facility, as we believe that every space need may be met at Marengo Warehouse.

Marengo Warehouse and Distribution Center relies on rock-solid systems to support our operations and serve our customers. Marengo Warehouse has invested in a custom designed Warehouse Management System. This system streamlines your inbound order, facilitates precise picking and fulfillment for accurate, push button inventory management and reporting. Electronic confirmations keep you informed real-time of your product receipts and shipments. Our flexible, easy to understand billing illustrates our high level of commitment to providing superior service.